Building on the success of a 60-year-old printing press operation in Karachi, Paperwork is a fast-growing enterprise with the goal of minimising paper waste by reducing, reusing, and upcycling material to make stationery. Our team has more than 15 years of experience making stationery for homes, offices, and schools across Pakistan to enhance their environmental and social profile through sustainable paper use.

As a one-stop-shop for designing and manufacturing solutions for paper products, we have produced a series of creative notebooks, sketchbooks, envelopes, gift bags, and customised diaries for our clients. Many of our corporate clients remain with us for years because they value what Paperwork represents to Pakistan’s economy and environment.

We care deeply about artisans and the cottage industry in Pakistan and strive to promote them on our platform. Our stationery is handmade by local artisans and sourced to meet our sustainability and high quality design goals as we aim to raise the standard of stationery in Pakistan.